Greetings from Alberta: Checking in with some of our National Shakespeare Youth Festival participants!

As part of our National Shakespeare Youth Festival, we asked students participating at the national level to submit a blog entry giving us an idea of how their creative process is working.  Below is an entry from a design team out of Alberta, which we will be sure to follow up with some pictures of their project!

Hello all,

Our names are Josh, Kelsey and Daniel, and we are from Edmonton, AB. The three of us are nerdy homeschooled teens, with a slightly unhealthy obsession with theatre and Shakespeare. We were excited to take on the design project, and chose A Midsummer Night’s Dream as the play to design. We thought A Midsummer Night’s Dream would offer lots of opportunities for creative designs. Our set has changed dramatically and we’ve learned about the rapid evolution that a set plan can go through! We started creating our 1/25 scale model of the set today. It was exciting because after all the drawing, we finally started seeing come to life. 🙂 The next step in the process is to the finish the set decoration which will include texturing and painting. We are looking forward to seeing how the overall design with evolve in the final stages!

Kelsey Johnson, Josh Travnik, and Daniel Belland (SHiNE homeschool- Design category)

Editor’s Note: I, too, have a slightly unhealthy obsession with Shakespeare and theatre and can’t wait to meet the Alberta contingent and see their fabulous design work!


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