Shakespeare In Action’s Open Day at Central Commerce Collegiate!

The decimated candy basket

Today was our open day at Shakespeare in Action! At lunch hour we stuck a huge basket of candy in one of our classrooms and invited all of the students at Central Commerce to come down and join us for some candy and drama games.

We didn’t have a huge number of kids come visit us at first, but the enthusiasm of the kids we did meet more than made up for their small numbers. They were really eager to tell us about their past experiences doing drama, and what they’d like if we were to start a drama club for them. Two of our new friends, Amy and Mitchell, even demonstrated some stage combat for us, complete with slapping and punching. Michael was very eager to teach them more about fighting on the stage!

As the hour went on, more and more kids poured into the room, and Michael got them all involved in some drama exercises. We played with Shakespearean curse words, and the room filled with the sounds of dozens of teenagers roaring insults in Elizabethan English.

All in all, the event was a blazing success, and a great step in connecting with the students here. We’re going to continue working toward establishing a drama club here in the new year.


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